Rádioamatérska tiesňová služba pri záchrane ľudských životov v Taliansku

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Předmět: Italian Earthquake - update 7/Apr/09 am
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two more updates from Alberto IK1YLO this morning. The 7045kHz frequency is in use linking local rescue and coordination centres with Protezione Civile in Rome. Cell phone capacity in the are is being increased and a second wave of volunteers and workers are being prepared to go to the area to take over from the first responders.
The request to keep 7045 clear remains active and now more important that a formal net seems to exist.

Greg, G0DUB
IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator
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Hallo Greg
last info:

* 179 people death
* 1.500 injured
* 100 the people find alive under buildings from special teams with dogs

Radio activity done locally on

* R4 CH-145.700 Prefettura di Pescara
* RU 8 CH- 430.800 " "
* R1 AQ -145.625 Coordinamento

* HF 7.045 Headquarter in Roma of Protezione Civile

Others frequencies used inside the groups of volunteers

Up to now the total of volunteers involved are 7.000.